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The face mask was great. The water here is very drying so I noticed that my face remained well-moistened and soft upon touch even 3 days after using the face mask. My face felt so clean and nourished even within the week after using the mask.
I also enjoyed the biomass samples – my bowel movements were quite whole and well-formed, and I usually have problems with bowel movements (not enough qi to move).
In terms of the mushroom blend, I have yet to take it consistently enough to be able to see a difference. I will try to have that review for you later.
Also – I got a review from a client of the fermented food biomass…it helped to clear up their skin of impurities and increased healthy daily bowel movement 🙂

“I have been using different probiotic blends over the years. The best I found by far is LB17. The more strands of different friendly bacteria, the better the probiotic. It has been my experience that LB17 covers every area of body fluids from the sinuses to the reproductive organs which give LB17 a great advantage over any other probiotic. My patients love the small size of the capsules and I have used LB17 with great success on open wounds and stubborn acne by applying directly to the wound – happy to recommend LB17 to any health practitioner.”

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